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Home Exterior Paint

Interior/Exterior Painting 

Painting your home or business is an instant and effective way to truly transform your space, inside and out. Arizona's unbearable sun can wreck havoc on your exterior paint faster than you could imagine. With over 20 years experience, we are the top choice for bathroom remodels in the greater Phoenix area.

Residential Exterior Paint Mesa

Common Services

Full-Home Painting

Customizable Solutions.

With Maze Construction, we offer full-home interior painting, including walls, ceilings, doors, trim, and baseboards. A fresh paint of coat won't just look different, it will look new. Combined with our quality touch, your home will never feel newer! 

Exterior Painting

Quick Turnaround.

Your homes exterior is the first thing you see. Arizona takes quite a toll on even the best paint, with unrelenting sun coverage and torrential monsoon season; leaving your old paint splotchy, dried, cracking/peeling, or faded and discolored. With Maze Construction, our team assures a quality finish that you will be satisfied with.  

Baseboard Paint/Install

Popular choice!

New baseboards go hand-in-hand with painted walls and flooring. Baseboards are an often overlooked feature of that helps define a room. On top of painting them to the color of your choosing, we professionally install them to complete a new look in your home. 

Cabinet Painting

Cost Effective.

A nice addition to kitchen renovations is cabinet painting. A paint job can be a cost effective way to breathe new life into your kitchen. Don't fix what isn't broken, and don't replace your perfectly good cabinets when you can just paint them! 

Finished Projects

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